"God squeezes, but doesn't choke." ~ 1/2 of the Loverchinis, Celina

I'm about to have one of those come to Baby Jesus moments where I take the happy blanket off my writing and expose a not so fun fact...

Are you ready?

I'm BA-ROKE...like broke as a joke. Every once in a blue moon I'll wake up from my naive slumbers and figure out that my friends shop SHOP and I do not...and then I'll start to figure out why that is and I'll get bummed.

I had had it last Friday. My shoes came apart for the umpteenth time, my jeans developed an unsightly hole in my buttocks region (one instance where it's not cool to hear your epidermis is showing!) and my favorite bag in the whole wide world (a Marc by Marc Jacobs Christmas present) developed an ink blot stain that decided it wanted to stay permanently.

I was telling my gal pal, Celina, that I just didn't have the money to replace anything right now. Sweetly she replied, "God squeezes, but doesn't choke," and I swear all the grief and self pity disappeared. It's so true. I'm a bit squeezed right now...and it was so frickin' fantastic to hear someone else relating to what that feels like.

...being squeezed. (Sigh)

I'm not gonna say it builds character...Or that it's going to make me a better human being or anything of the sorts. I know people who are well off who are kind, decent and gracious so all I'm gonna say is I'm accepting it. It is what it is for now.

Isn't growing up grand?

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