Pinterest Par-tay

Diva Dara was kind enough to feed me her crack (Pinterest) one day and I took to that ish like a hipster takes to obscurity. I'm on that ish every dang day...pinning and searching and dreaming and planning. It's the ultimate dream board and I LOVE me some dream board!

I found out last week that the folks at Pinterest were throwing a party for their LA cohorts so I got down on one knee (virtually) and asked Ms. Dara if she'd like to accompany me to a most righteous crack house for some hits. She tweaked and said yeah.

The event was cool. A bit hoity toity...lots of fashion bloggers and pretty girls that would look Dara and I down and then walk the other way...forgetting to hide the faces that were saying, "Oh you're not someone famous or someone whose dress will color block well with mine." It was allllll good though, because we met two awesome chicks by the name of Alyson and Nina who rocked and were totally chill like us.

We hung. We drank wine and we ate thin cookies that were buttery delicious. My LA adventures have become so random...

I tell you what.

Pinterest Pals (OhJoy! was there)

El vino: Pig with spot

The Creator! Dara became friends with Ben. I'm in awe of her ability to mingle.

The demographic's crack


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