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There's this part in You've Got Mail where she's sick, but adorably cute and charming in her cute little pajamas and perfect hair, and Tom Hanks brings her daisies because that's the flower that can chase the flu/cold bug away.

Daisies don't work for me, unfortunately.

I went to Walgreen's to pick up my new birth control for FIVE dolla bills yo! (story to come later) and decided it wouldn't hurt to see if Trader Joe's next door-e-o carried a salsa verde that would make my ailing sinuses sing.

I found the sauce AND I found my favorite flowers waiting for me to scoop them up. There's just something about peonies that makes me feel like I'm a badda bing beautiful woman...instead of the wretched hot mess my illness has regressed me to looking like.

Peonies are my daisies.


  1. #1 I hope you feel better
    #2 beautiful flowers!
    #3 I get all kinds of sentimental when I think about trader joes.

    (someday KC will be cool enough)

  2. KC has one Tara!!! I promise. My bestie told me so.


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