My Marie Claire Twin


Meet her!

Did you have to do a double take because I did!

This woman has my face and even my body...well I'm not 6 feet tall, but I'm close enough. I remember when my sister's friend told me there would be a girl featured who looked like me, I totally laughed it off. EVERYONE thinks I look like someone. Heck, someone just last night asked if I was running at the Rose Bowl. When I told her no, she let me know pretty darn quick that I had a twin out there running in Pasadena. (Hope she's fast!)

I think I look like no one so please believe me when I tell you I just about shat my pants when I saw Afor looking back at me on her cute little bike that I've always wanted.

Last night I tracked her down (cuz I'm a stalker!) and told her I'm her twin. Hope she doesn't think me too crazy. My life is random. This one's going on the resume.

"Looks like a girl who was in Marie Claire once"


  1. Whoa. She does look like you.

  2. It's totally wiggy weird right?!

  3. That. Is. Freaky.

    And pretty cool, too.
    Far as I know, I look like no one besides myself.

  4. That outfit even looks like something you'd wear, no? Minus the hat.

  5. that is super freaky!

  6. I found my twin today too. Sadly, it was not in a magazine, but under some clip art titled "Sea Hag". I'm sure I will post it on my blog at some point.
    She does look like you though- fer reals.

  7. ha!!! johi you're cracking me up!

    @nicole yup i'd wear the outfit sans the hat

  8. She does totally look like you! And I think I've told you, the first time I ever saw you roaming the halls at KUEA I thought you looked like my friend Sonia! :)

  9. i DO recall you saying that actually lol. have to see it to believe it!!!

  10. I got distracted after I opened this post, so the first thing I saw when I looked up was the picture. First thought, "oh, Tishy looks cute" then I read the first line and laughed to myself. Are you sure your momma didn't give your twin up at birth? She could have been lied to all her life about her age, lol

  11. lol that's EXACTLY what i went to my mother with...i knew she was hiding something all my life!!!


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