Do you know how blessed you truly are if at least one person in the world gets you? I mean REALLY gets who you are through and through...

I don't know why I'm always shocked when J understands and relates to whatever it is I'm going through...Maybe it's God's way of preventing me from taking her for granted. I don't know, but I'm glad I have the opportunity to thank her and Him upstairs for keeping my heart warm when it starts to drop.

Yesterday was a hard day. I just felt like the last of the Mohicans or something. I never left the apartment...The only person I spoke to face-to-face was the pizza delivery guy. I called up J just wanting to hear her voice...found myself pouring out my feelings of loneliness, fully expecting her to laugh it off and tell me to go outside or call up a friend.

She did nothing of the sort.

Instead, she told me she understood and shared moments when she had felt the same and how that had made her feel...This coming from someone I think of as Wonder Woman. She got that I wasn't a dull human being...that I wasn't crazy...or needy...somehow less independent because I find sorrow in the long silences. If I wouldn't have been yelling into the phone, "Yes! Exactly!" I would have cried.

Relief comes in so many forms. I think deep down one of the most important things we mere mortals strive for is to be understood. Some go further and then try to understand others...but that first part links us all.


  1. Totally agree! Its so important to have someone who fully gets us. Its that one person who can make us feel so much better. Glad you have someone like that, darling. Sending hugs and kisses:) Muah

  2. First off, *hugs* to you m'lady. I'm glad J was there for you!
    Second, this has eerie resonance for me as I went through a very similar (though shorter) funk yesterday & ended up connecting with a friend who was channeling the same 'dramatic and fatalistic' sensibilities (her direct phrasing).
    We got together, had some wine and cake, and chatted for several hours. Yay humanity & friends!

  3. Man, there must be something in the air then! I'm still a little wiggy from it all.

  4. You are SO lucky to have such a wonderful friend like J!

  5. Aren't I though?! Girl is a Godsend!


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