I have finally one something! FINALLY!

I've NEVER won nuffin, y'all! NEVAAA!

...So you can imagine how strong and deliberate my fist pumps were when I found out I had won an awesome blossom straightening iron from Ever So Popular.

I'm in hair straightening joy.
It's got this nifty cloth on one side and then the ceramic on the other...Don't know why that makes a difference, but it does. My hair got straight with the quickness, but it wasn't flat and weepy looking. I had white girl bounce. "LOVING IT!"
Any who, you should definitely check out my home girl's site. She's always doing nifty contests...sending people to Mexico and ish. I sent a personal letter of recommendation Upstairs to the Big Guy for her karma to ROCK from this point on. :)

PS. Don't you judge the story that won me that iron. I mean it.

snazzy packaging

I'm a halfie...get it!? Ha! Ha! I crack myself up...


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