Finnish Luv

I have a sister who lives in Finland. She was my family's exchange gift a couple of years back. At first I wanted to trip her because they gave her my bedroom (since I was away at college) but it wasn't long before I was loving her little Finnish behind up...she was just so darn sweet and thoughtful.

She's managed to visit the States since graduating and moving back home. It was during her trip to La La Land that we bonded even more with our new boos in tow. She has a Jani and I...the Jersey.

She was, of course, one of the first to write me when she found out I was moving out of the apartment Jersey and I share. She's dope like that. Then yesterday, I came home to a package resting on my door. This chickadee sent me green stuff (she knows how to make me melt like butta) a cute key chain, chocolate (the ONLY kind I actually like and will eat month-round) and this sweet post card that reads, "It is hard to be a woman when men are so stupid."

I love random little surprises like that. Made me smile and feel a little bit less lonely. Of course I had to write to thank her and in that note I made sure to clarify that Jersey and I are still together lol...the quote still applies, but yeah, had to make sure she knew I was choosing to continue struggling being a woman. (wink mutha truckas!)


  1. oh boy.

    that picture of the chocolate bar has me in a tizy.

    a- because I am crazy/pregnant craving one

    b- because they are hard (impossible) to find!

  2. Oh Mrs Painter...I'm coming to KC next week...I can bring some and share...

    We'll just pretend you won the Luv & Kiwi official pregnancy contest. :)


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