Dog Eyes

I love this photographer for doing this series because I'm seriously the person who thinks the people are never coming back. I SO empathize with those darn dogs' eyes!

Jersey is still in Jersey. For a month now I've had those puppy dog eyes. Those darn sad eyes...

Female to females (and that one dude who stumbles across this darn blog), do you ever feel weak for missing someone? I mean we women are always being knocked for being emotional...

Some day when I grow up I'm going to say the most wise, the most perfect thing regarding women and missing and how it's important for the soul...or something.

In the mean time I shall just live in my current shame...punked and puppy-eyed.


  1. Aren't you sweet, darling! Those dog eyes keep me thinking as well. So true that we are always being knocked for being emotional but its a great quality we women have:) You made my day!!! Love:)Happy Friday


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