Doctor Who?

As a whole, I have had THE worst luck with doctors out here. It's sad, but I secretly dream of having a panel of doctors (like on the popular TV show) whose soul jobs are to sit around and take care of me and all my weirdish Tish ticks.

You think I'm kidding? This self-proclaimed hypochondriac would not lie about something so awesome wawesome.

Yesterday I got stood up by my angel doc. The one I kind of (desperately!) needed to talk to in order to face Dr. No Personality today. I hate to admit I'm that girl who depends on the therapy couch, but I kind of am. (covers face in embarrassment) I know others experience this, but seriously out of all my friends in my inner circle, it's just me. When you see all your friends running while you're gasping for air, you try your hardest to muster up some strength and catch up...stay with them. And then secretly you feel like a dweeb. 

It's all about looking like I'm not the girl who barks at strangers while balancing on one fine wire. If I lived in NY it would totally be acceptable and even maybe cool to have a therapist. Not the case in LA...


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