The Difference...

Today I worked on my book and it was a battle (for realz...)

I've really allowed my spirit and inner fire to take a beating. My confidence in my writing, in my ability to be a good friend...heck, my ability to be a good human being with something important to say has taken a hit. I used to have this light that would engulf me until I couldn't contain it and then I'd spew that light out onto everyone I could get my long, lanky fingers on.

In therapy I was told when things get tough and I start to get down on myself all I have to do is remember that girl I was and I'd be OK. Her light's still bright enough to perk me up, believe it or not. My therapist was so right.

Today I checked up on an old friend via Facebook and there, in her information section were beautiful quotes by the likes of Aretha Franklin and Helen Keller..and then I saw one by me...

Without fail, having women in my life that use their brain and their hearts has always made the difference. : )


I smiled and cried. That girl is definitely still in there...

When I was in high school I attended Girl's State because one teacher (Mr. Older) believed in me and my ability to lead. I got out there and ended up being so inspired I ran for Supreme Court Justice (you just had to be there I guess...) I ended my campaign speech with, "Vote for Tish the Fish Merritt. I want to make waves."

Crazy...that feistiness I once wore like a favorite pair of chucks is now something that flickers and fades--only coming out in extreme emergencies. It's time to bring her back.

Revolutionary Petunia


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