Day 9: From a Distance


This is Ollie.

He is the neighbor's cat. I tried my hardest to hate this darn cat because me and cats just don't work, but every time I get close to him he gets on his back like a little slut puppy and waits for me to pet him. (Note: Tishy is allergic as a muther trucker to cats) The fact that I reach down and pet him says a lot.

He's just cute and I can tell he's a bad ass because he stalks the birds that live in my porch light like a panther, but he still gets all squishy lovey with me.

It's the classic good girl lovin' her bad boy situation.

Yes, I'm what the grannies call an easy tart.


  1. I love Ollie the cat. Not as much as the baby birdies but he's definitely next after them.


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