Day 26: Shadows

The Challenge

This one was a pickle to do. I'm not a photographer. There I said it! I like to capture and document...could very well go into a happy life of photo journalism and die a happy woman. I'll never be an Annie L. Shadows? You want me to take a picture "playing with shadows" ?...Really?

Too much. You notice I didn't post it yesterday. That's because I was making fajitas the night before and my grill up and died on me so then I had to broil those bad boy chicken parts and veggie strips and that took forever...and it made my kitchen stinky and I'm sensitive to smell ...and I was upset with my therapist for standing me up...and worried about Jersey and I'm sensitive to stress.

That was the day my cute little photography project got shoved where the sun doesn't shine. Yesterday was better, though. As you can see from my obvious heart shadow, I was feeling much better. Dinner turned out swell and was actually a quick preparoo in the kitchen. My doc actually listened to me and now we're trying a new pill that promises to not make me a numb little zombie who doesn't like to shake my bon bon.

There's hope for my heart yet.


  1. This is a really cool photograph! So creative! I am impressed!

  2. Why thank you dear Johi :)


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