Day 24: Colour Verde


In all honesty, I had NO frickin lickin clue what a picture of color scheme meant. I had to call up Twinkie and ask her...because she's Twinkie and she has a dog named Kiwi so she HAS to know stuff, right?!

According to her logic, all the challenge was asking me to do was take a picture of stuff in the same family of colors. Really? Bet! I'm a lover of all things green. I knew I could definitely find color themes around to play with.

This is just a bit of my green jewelry I keep around for rainy days. I don't rock the color green a lot...funny, no? I like looking at it more than I like rocking it. Translation: Tishy doesn't rock jewelry all that often.

...But I admire it in this bowl from Finland every day.


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