Day 20: A Pretty Witch Who Has a Pretty Pen

she is vulnerable enough to be my reflection and convince me it’s safe to come out and be myself, I can say I’m emotional because she bares her feelings, unearths her imperfections to let me stare at each and every one, then we plant them in the backyard and swear to tell the world each and every one, water them with our tears in celebration that we lived. Now there is a tree that grows there…and it bears fruit…
~ An excerpt from Annie Q's post, Letter From RhapsodE

These two women can write their asses off...I mean viscerally delicious, deep, awesome, totally rad sentences that blow my mind EVERY.DAMN.TIME.

I tend to read Annie's blog early in the morning when I'm still fresh and open, but I just happened to catch this post mid-day...right after a rather stressful meeting and I was still able to steady my breathing, shut out the world and sigh in disbelief. How does she do it?

And how does her friend do it?!!!

I know I'm supposed to be feeling the lesson: That even the most awesome of awesome folk doubt their talents; they need a good best friend to spit polish the doubt off, but I'm still reeling from HOW RhapsodE spit polishes. It's like she drank magic water from the purest of places, processed the fluids while breathing in the magical air, and then proceeded to create the most perfect spit known to woman...The kind of spit that could keep Alfalfa's hair down, damn it.

I wish I could spit knowledge like that.
The Challenge: Whatever I Pleased (a witch's ambiance)


  1. You are so generous. Kind thanks. Erica is some genie indeed. She is much quicker than me when it comes to articulating word sensations. We are very alike but also different in all the still-like-you-a-lot ways : )

    I appreciate your support this entire time and am happy to learn that you write as passionately, although you may color with different textured crayons.




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