Day 18: Photo Depicting an Emotion


This is me...overwhelmed out of my darn tootin' mind.

Work has been stressing me the heck out. My job had this huge re org and they just kind of closed their eyes, turned around three times and pointed to a random job. That job became my job and now I'm seriously running around like a goon wondering how in the heck they expect me to do it. I personally think it should be illegal to make someone do a job they didn't interview for. Right?! Am I right?

I left work yesterday with my head down...I felt like life was physically beaten out of me. I really hope this gets easier...I'm talking about life, y'all.

Life, get easier!!! (please)

...Watching HGTV and these property virgins are talking about how much they love their jobs. Someone please stab me in the heart with a lame spoon that someone awesome used to scoop up the fruits of their labors.


  1. I so have days like that! Hope today will be better, sunshine


  2. Thanks lady bug...It's hard out here on a pimp.


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