Day 14: Photo Focusing on Eyes

Picture of "The Man with Red Eyes"...taken from my TV
Did you ever read the book A Wrinkle in Time? I read it as a small kid and it blew my mind. (Not necessarily in the good way.) It totally went over my head. In fact, the only thing I remembered was the title and the two kids, Meg and Charles Wallace.

I've had lots of free time on my hands so I've been milking the shat out of Netflix and low and behold there's a flippin' movie! It's a cheesy, weird movie, but it's the movie nonetheless.

It was good to watch something magical and sci fi, though. Considering this morning I found a grey hair in my eyebrow and tried to clean my ears with dental floss, I'd say I need to do all the kid-like things I can muster.


  1. That is a scary eye!!! Btw: I have a few grey hair already...not good! Kisses

  2. BUT!!! are they in your eyebrows?!?!?!

  3. That was the one book in junior high that everyone in my class liked. I still tear up whenever I read it and Meg screams, "That's not Charles Wallace!"
    It's one of those books I don't think any movie will ever be able to do justice to in my eyes.

  4. I read it when I was in the 5th grade...clearly not ready for that ish lol

    Do NOT watch the movie if you feel that way. I looked on twitter and hardcore book fans were very upset with the casting. Especially since Charles Wallace was played by that creepy kid from The Ring.


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