Day 11: It's Black. It's White ♪♫


This is my work's elevator. I work on 8...freedom is on 0 so whenever I get to push that beloved floor's number the world is a better place.

Somehow I don't think I'll mind it so much this week, though. I'm hating coming home to an empty house every day. (You can only talk to yourself for so long.)  I wasn't the nicest, most pleasant person yesterday. I was a tid bit soured to realize how quickly I forgot what it was like to be single in LA and how frickin boring this stupid town can be.

There were times where I'd literally stare at paint for hours. Back to doing that...except now there's an annoying tick tock sound accompanying my date with the walls. It's a constant reminder that I'm wasting hours doing nothing. I'm so glad I can start running tomorrow. I'm going to stay at the gym until I pass out. I swear to GAWD.


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