Curious George

I went to a good friend's baby shower yesterday afternoon and had a lovely time catching up with friends who have managed to have babies and carry on with their snazzy lives in cool ways since the last time we spoke.

I love the catch up process. People are fascinating that way. There's always a story...even when there's no story, it's a story.

One of the hostesses just happens to be a designer for Barbie. Her house was one big heaven of creativity. I'm talking art studio, beautiful paintings, "careful and attentive attention to sweet details" awesomesause heaven. I went into her children's bedroom  to keep watch for a friend while she pumped (her boobs for all the rookies in the audience) and sat there mesmerized by the bright colors, the bookshelves, the comfy chair for reading and hugs, the coloring table area, and the chalkboard wall. I looked outside and watched a parrot plop down in the front yard tree and go to town on some leaves. Random fun eye candy? Yes!

That's LA for ya...You're constantly meeting people who can do amazing things, be amazing and make you feel pretty darn amazing in the process. I swear it wasn't even 5 minutes of being amongst those people in that awesome backyard that I wanted to pick up a pen and start writing.


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