Wisdom and Love

I, like many young chickadees out there, have moments where I feel like I'm not really on my A game. I wrote about those moments that were tugging at my heart in a recent post and waited to see if anyone out there would read and relate...Not necessarily gas me up and tell me why I'm fabulous...I didn't need anyone telling me I was stupid or ungrateful. I just needed some heart-to-heart understanding...Some nodding of heads.

I wanted to have a moment where like-minded/hearted folks got it...and possibly felt like sharing some wisdom.

Yesterday a comment with the kind of wisdom I was looking for popped up. A blogging buddy sent me the video below and had me in tears. (The good kind, though)

If you're ever feeling down and you need something to cheer you up (without making you feel guilty!) watch this. Then come back to my blog and share your thoughts. We'll pay it forward, come full circle and make the world a wiser place.


  1. Oh my goodness..this video is beautiful! Im all in tears right now. What a wonderful person! Kisses, darling

  2. Isn't it touching to boot?! ugh...It does lovely things for the human spirit.


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