Secret Life

I lead a secret life...

I go to work each day and I act like I enjoy corporate adult shat when in actuality, I hate it more than anything. My boss tries to get me all enthused (bless his heart) over me full responsibility to analyze data and make decisions.

Can I just be honest for a second? I HATE data. I hate numbers. Yes, at one time calculus made my heart go pitter pat. That was then. Now I like words and not just any old words. Colloquial language...lay terms...words for dummies. I like to keep it real.

I like to think I'm following in Langston Hughe's footsteps--I'm trying to be a poet of the people. Poets of the people don't do graphs. They don't have conference calls with folks from Manila and Chennai...and they don't enjoy bending over so that The Man can stick it to ya just enough to corrode your soul.

All the potty putty, hula girls and loud fart talking can't change that heinous factoid.


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Sigh.

  2. I feeeeeeeel you, lady. You have no idea how much I feel you lately. Especially today.
    Hang in, lovely. We're both far better than our current stations and we will one day triumph over them and reach where we should be.

  3. Oh Im sorry sweetie! I hope that soon you can do what makes you truly happy:) Hugs and kisses

    Btw: love your necklace:)

  4. Thanks luv! Good eye! It's from J.Crew ;)

  5. I like words for dummies as well (obviously you know this. you read my blog) I love the idea of you being the poet of the people! Do It.

  6. But you have an awesome hula girl! :)


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