Oprah's running. J's running...The chicks of LA are running...I'M back to running!

Running has officially moved off my shit list and onto my "hellooooo luvah" list once again. I've learned through my brief time on this planet you call Earth that when you focus on something hardcore, you usually start seeing stuff relating to that everywhere. Let's say you think you're pregnant. You will see baby ish EVERYWHERE. Babies will coo at you as you pick your nose in the grocery line. Commercials promising accurate pink plus signs will pop up everytime your favorite show goes to commercial. It's uncanny what our little universe can do...

So back to running. Now that I actually like the stuff again I've, of course, had running on the brain. It's everywhere. I came across this lovely little site yesterday and about killed over with greedy need.

I don't need any of it...but I want all of it.


  1. Yay for running! I'm on that site now - great gift ideas for my marathon maniac friends.


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