Oh Bloody Wanker

I am going to lose the poop in my bowels people!

The idea of moving...of having to buy things like a trash can, knives, a flipping bed is KILLING ME!

NOooooo this isn't me being dramatic at all...I'm 30, damn it. I'm not SUPPOSED to be starting over again with less money in my pocket than I had when I was 14 with a babysitting gig.

So here's the spin I'm trying so hard to take so that tomorrow my therapist doesn't boink me over the head for backtracking (evil word by the way): I am looking at this move as an adventure. I shall buy little bits at a time and make a cute little home for my self. Hopefully this will take my mind off the fact that it will take me a long time to tangibly complete my home again...being that I can not charge a damn thing due to my strong-willed goal to pay off my growing monstrosity of debt.

So what does this mean? No vacations or trips this year, boos. I was planning a trip to DC to see Twinkie. I was planning a trip to KC to see my great grandmother (who's just been put in a home), my gram, Mo and of course my best friend...those little plans have just been neatly tucked into my chest of hopes and ain't gonna happen.

I go through stages of being pissed off to the point of wanting to kick something cute and tiny to wanting to lay down in a river and put a rock on my chest to wishing for some gangster thick skin...

Have I ever mentioned in the past how much I hate to move?

I hate to move.


  1. I agree, moving is the worst. But you're right, it will be a nice opportunity to make a cute little nest for yourself, like the birdies in your outside light. You can do whatever you want with your new place. And if you can't come to DC, if I can afford it, I'll come visit you at your place in Cali.

  2. :) I would ♥ that gesture!

  3. Moving is the worst. When we bought the house that we are currently living in I had just moved (3 months earlier) into the place that we were moving from. My husband came home and found me on the floor, surrounded be packing boxes, sobbing my head off. Then we made gin and tonics....
    It will be worth it in the end, when you have your own place and can do whatever you want.
    I'm so used to not having any money and am a big fan of Habitat for Humanity and Craigslist. That is currently where every chair in my house was purchased.

  4. Don't you love the way I just invited myself to your new place. LOL.

  5. I dig that about you actually :)

  6. Oh Johi you rock...I don't know why but I needed to hear someone else say they didn't have money lol...

    I feel better actually. Now I just need that gin and tonic.

  7. You know, as much as I dont like moving I find it really fun because you can always get new stuff and change things around. I think it will be fun, sweetie and if I lived closer I would help out for sure! Hugs and kisses, sunshine


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