Meet Poppins

I did it!!!

I got my iPhone! I traded in that nasty Thor and got my beloved dream phone. Call me a sheep. Call me a hipster...just don't call me iPhone-less!

...And I love it just as much as I thought I would. Poppins (named after Mary Poppins, THE original O.G. magical organizer) is my favorite toy in the whole wide world.

She's so snazzy. When you email me my signature now reads "sent from my snazzy iPhone". I have all the photography apps a girl could dream of having...I even have my lovely Nike running app I first tried out last October when I went to visit the Nike peeps in Chicago.

Oh sweet baby Jesus joy...I ♥ this phone!


  1. Congratulations!

    Make sure you download Words With Friends (free) for easy game-play access. And the Mapquest app (free) is arguably better than your car's GPS system.

    Welcome to the phone that you will never be able to give up now that you have it.

  2. Thank youuuu!

    Now you KNOW I put Words with Friends on there. Does the mapquest app talk dirty like Meredith does?

  3. That is so cool! Happy Tuesday:)


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