Mama J

My name is Tish and I vote J for kick ass sultan of awesome! Friends like her only come around once in a green moon.

Not only is she my biggest cheerleader, she's also the one who keeps lighting that really hot fire underneath my ass when I start to rot and fester with doubt. I always have to remind her that fire crotch isn't a literal term.

When I was bawling uncontrollably--unable to focus long enough to realize that I was suffering from some effed up depression--she was the one who called my OBGYN here in Cali and told him to get his butt in gear. He had a doctor recommendation ready for me in less than 5 minutes. Later he asked where she was from. When I told him the Midwest he rocked a weird crazy look. To this day I don't know if he was happy that fiery woman wasn't in his state, or perplexed by her gumption to call a doctor thousands of miles away and threaten him like she could walk up into his office at any moment.

She's super fun, super fiery and yes, super pale. She could rule the world if she wanted to. She's the kind of gal who stops and pats the boobies whenever possible... How many people can do both those things?!

It's so grand to have a gal with mama bear mentality in my corner making sure no one's flinging unnecessary poop at me...flicking lice my's all very rad I say.

She's some kind of wonderful!


  1. I like her already! :) Good friends have seen me through some tough times too.

  2. She's the most lovely of women I tell ya!

    Aren't friends great for helping us out when times are funky?


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