My darling Mo was born on Cinco de Mayo in 1963. Yes, she is hella young to have a 30-year-old daughter. You're doing the math right now, aren't you?

Sam, as her fam bam called her, was a feisty tomboy who always danced to the beat of her own drum. Over the years that beat has changed from the totally awesome pop rock she listened to as a teenager (this is why I have an affinity for Phil Collins and Michael Bolton) to her now totally odd infatuation with country music and christian whatever that type of goody good music is.

She's the kind of woman who would dress up as Mary Catherine Gallagher for Halloween and then sprint through the Kansas City airport without a care in the world. She's the cool mom that was always racing for the next roller coaster to ride, the one constantly trying to get whoever was driving our boat to flip my behind as I kneeboarded my little ass off...She's also the crazy nut who instilled the love of limerick upon me as well as writing in general. The chick has mad gangsta tendencies (she wasn't renamed Killer Keller by her PE students for nothing!) I could go on and on about her Mo-isms. For the sake of time, let's just say she's awesome with a side of wonderful.

Love you Mo more than a fat kid loves cake...More than a bible beater loves snake bites and TEN TIMES more than Grandma Pat loves to fake bake in the sun.

Happy Birthday, Mo. Hope your day is lovely and then some.


  1. Oh my goodness..that a great post and Happy Birthday to her!!! Both photos are great!

    Hugs and kisses, sunshine

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Sima Gilady jewelry GIVEAWAY later today!


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