Jesus Juice

Last night I hung out with Tdawg and his kid bro Zmeister--those cool kids I 'tutor' although I don't know if running around their house trying to fart on their heads counts as any sort of mentorship, but ya know...

I absolutely adore those dudes...Jersey was telling me how cool it was that I did that for them, but when push comes to shove, they're helping my behind. I'm the one loving it all up. Got me thinking, though...

Am I secretly suffering from some sort of Michael Jackson syndrome? Did I never grow up? Am I creepy for wanting to run around a house and pretend like I'm 10 again?

I wonder what would be my Jesus juice if I'm in fact suffering from that syndrome. (Sorry MJ, while I hope you are comfortably resting in peace, you were still a special one, sorry.) I think my poison would have to be fart jokes and potty putty...yeah, the potty putty most definitely.

You may ask what kind of person has to question their own self, but I seriously watched the Yoda video below like 15 times in order to figure out if I was calling the kid an a hole. Yes...I seriously was freaking out thinking I did. Was my potty mouth really that bad?! I was horrified. Finally I figured out I'm saying, "You're such a natural."

I really do wonder about myself sometimes...


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