Day 3: My Favorite Place to Be

Day 3's challenge was sooo much more my style (keep the fashion blogging away from this special one!)

I remember my first day in therapy my angel of a therapist asked me to describe a place I could go to (mentally) in order to relax. Without flinching a butt cheek, I blurted out what I know for sure...that one corner of my couch is my favorite place to be.

I can curl up in a ball. I can grab a book. I can take a nap...that spot is where I find my peace.

For shats and giggles I decided to also provide my past favorite place to be...which happened to be in a tree. I remember being a kid...sitting in the backseat on trips and looking out at the trees...wondering if I could climb that one...if I could escape up into that one...

The below pictures tell the story my mom loves to remind me of. She had said something that hurt my feelings so little sassy me decided I'd leave and make her miss me so I climbed up in my tree (she mocked me while in climb by snapping pics as you can see.) and there is where I stayed for a really, REALLY long time...I fell asleep. Sadly my mom grabbed the camera instead of getting my ridiculous butt out of that death trap, but whatever, Mo...

Barbie Punk Rocker high tops...oh yeah

Day 3 reminds of this song Cinderella sang:

I'm as mild and as meek as a mouse

When I hear a command I obey.

But I know of a spot in my house

where no one can stand in my way.

In my own little corner in my own little chair

I can be whatever I want to be.

On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere

and the world will open its arms to me...


  1. Okay, that spot on your couch looks oh so comfortable. I want to jump through the computer and sit on your couch.

    You are so cute climbing that tree and falling asleep in it. And I love the fact that your mother was photographing you instead of tending to your bratitude. Love your mom!

  2. lol bratitude is for REAL yo! Jersey actually said, "I've seen that face many times."

    Hee hee

  3. seriously priceless pictures!

    love that story :)


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