This weekend I had the privilege of hanging out with THE coolest 12-year-old on the planet. Her name is Charlyee, but her fam bam calls her Chuck. I call her Chuck too because it's the most awesome name for a girl. There was this show I loved called Pushing Daisies and there was a Chuck on that show and she rocked...I associate girls named Chuck with awesome.

So we spent our time eating Chinese food because she digs the stuff...We let her try her first chipwich in Westwood. We took her to the 3rd Street Promenade and exposed her to the weirdness of that street...she got us hooked on the Disney channel and bonded with Jersey over basketball trivia and dreams of the WNBA.

Basically we forgot we were adults with moving woes and books to was rad.

She wears chucks so you KNOW I think she's snazzy

Jersey and Chuck knew each other in a former life

No words can describe how perfect this ish was

Chuck makes herself at home

Miss her


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