Angry Bird Part II: Meet Fuzz and Kiwi Jr

Meet the babies!!! Things are about to get really strange up in this piece...So I totally cried when I saw these two little ones pop their little fuzzy heads up. Just God's way of teasing me once again that even a mean angry bird with a vendetta against her babies can have something I can't...crumb snatchers.

I swear I'm about one Oprah and two pregnancy test commercials away from a turkey baster. This coming from the girl who said she wouldn't pop out a minion until her first film. This coming from the girl who is in the process of moving out of her dude's apartment. THIS coming from the girl who has had hoo hoo issues in the past that could very well make it next to impossible to get an egg to stick in the cooch.

Like I said, damn birds totally had me crying.


  1. Awwww. The little birdies hatched! I sure hope you don't find their rotted corpses in that light. I hope they figure out how to fly out. I love them!

  2. you are NOT allowed to say baby birds and rot in the same sentence Twinkie!!!

  3. Prosh! I tried to save a fledgling that was stuck in a bucket of water last spring. Now I'm going to have to write a story about it on my blog and I will officially name you my muse!

  4. what does prosh mean Johi? lol

    Yes! I ♥ being a muse! ...Because I'm big-headed.


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