Last night I thanked Jersey for helping turn my day around...

I had therapy and by the time that woman was done with me, I had salt stains on my face from all the tears I unloaded. She warned me I'd have days like that...Where I wouldn't feel light and free, but more so a hot tranny mess of emotional angst. Yesterday was one of those days where I looked normal, but underneath the chucks and curly fro lurked an emo kid with tattoos glorifying the act of cutting. I came home twitching...Had a "small" financial meltdown and then started dinner--completely ready to just hold all that angst in.

The guy totally won, though. While cooking two of the most tasty steaks I've had out here, he began the unthinkable task of cheering me up. He does this weird goofy accent that's neither geek nor southern (although I know he's always trying for one of those two.) and had me smiling in no time. Later as we were drifting off to sleep I told him that moment was the best moment of my day.

Then I paused.

Then I said, "Well...this and when I received my new spoons in the mail."

Hearts are random, no?


  1. lol yeah! i've finally one the blog critic of all blog critic's approval.


  2. finally "one"? really? my approval has just been revoked. lol!

  3. If I could have relations with silverware, it would be with these.

  4. lol i was combining two thoughts! leave me alone mcclyde!!! won won won won!!! lol dang that was bad.

    as for you twinks...LOL! that is all.


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