My Neck, My Back!

So last night Jersey was playing ball and got pulverized by a giant oaf man who's name should have been Borg or Gus or something...

The thud resulted in a medium-sized Filipino man lying on the court, limbs spread eagle, unable to move. This is usually when Ms Drama Queen T Dipstick me would flip the EFF out, but I was cool, calm and collected. He got up and we drove to the ER...where we stayed from 8:30 until 2:30 in the morning. It was lovely. It was scary and by the end of it I was a grumpy hot mess because he was fine ( so I was allowed to let my diva show) . Dude's spine and neck will be fine, which is what we were most afraid he just has to see if he tore something unfortunate. Cross your fingers and say your prayers for that part...That boy is WAY too active to go through an ailment such as that.

Now that mama bear mode is over I can share the jokes I had going with him last night...Like for instance, I started referring to him as McCain...he can't move his arms above his head. I'm not right. I know this.

I also can laugh about the argument we got in over a McDonald's McChicken sandwich at around 2:45 am. I'm sure the lady working the drive-thru was so happy to hear our little bickering action...Makes you want to go home and thank your lucky stars your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/whatever is a mute...and doesn't like McDonald's at 2:45am.

Now I'm sitting at work trying to fool people into thinking my eyes being open means I'm awake and alert. Today I am Monday's bitch...and an a hole.


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