Magical Negro

Back in college I took a class that took a hard look at the black experience in the entertainment industry. It was in this class that I learned about the *magical negro. In a nut shell, the magical negro is a magical  African American whose whole existence in the movie is to help out the main characters (white folk) instead of using said magical powers to help with more pressing issues concerning their own segregation.

For instance, in the Green Mile, ole boy helps a white policemen fix his aching balls. He could be using his hocus pocus to free himself and the other chaps suffering in jail--imprisoned for the color of their skin/not the nature of the crime. Instead, homeboy grabs Tom Hanks' jiggly bits and the world is a better place. Bagger Vance same thing..Will Smith helps improve a golf swing? The Family Man...Don Cheadle, I love you, but....

I'm not going to waive an angry fist or anything...There's actually a point to all of this. Promise!

I share this new info with my best friend back in college, not knowing that she'd go on magical negro alert as well. My cute, adorable, and totally open-minded best friend...God bless her for watching The Adjustment Bureau and finding a magical negro. Mind you, I didn't even notice.

Apparently her eyes lit up and she turned to her husband. Before she could say anything Mr. Perfect said, "Yes J, it's a magical negro. I get it."

...So proud of her. This is just one of the thousands of reasons why I adore her. She's constantly keeping her eyes open. Constantly seeing the bigger and more colorful picture.

You know I've never, not once, felt a color barrier between her and I. We just get it...She's French so I try to make sure I understand as much as I can about french fries and kissing...she handles racial injustices like an NAACP pro. We're the poster children for color blindness, I swear.

*I italicized magical negro to emphasize his magical-ness. Just thought I'd share.


  1. glad someone is looking. movies like this try to look 'edgy,' but it's the same old hollywood, in the same old america


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