I've been writing in a diary of sorts since I was in first grade. I don't know why I keep them. Don't know why I felt a powerful urge to write, to save and continue, but I did. It's the saving part that gets me the most.

Why on earth did I save them when I can't read them? I mean really can't read them. Every entry circles around some douche bag from my past who's done me wrong in some sort of way. If a stranger were to find my collection he'd think I was a boy crazy loon that did nothing else with her time except for fawn over jackasses. For that reason alone, I don't read. I can't help but write...but it's easier to purge than it is to devour in this case.

I recently read an article I've been saving for too, too long from Oprah's email blasts. The article was a look at her journaling through the years. My jaw dropped and my mouth's corners curled into a smile because that woman--my shero--used to write EXACTLY like me. If Oprah was a journaling boy-obsessed twat like me and still turned out OK then so be it, I'll stop beating myself over the ish I've splashed across the pages.



  1. that you journal. I hope you never stop.

    (my journals are SO LAME too haha.)
    thank goodness for Oprah's candor, because it's soooo nice to know i'm not the only one. haha.

    2nd...your comment. shoot. you made me tear (i'm pregnant ok?) but also because even I can only HOPE those things are true. strive is a good word, cause we miss the mark a lot! :)


    your profile was private for a time, and I couldn't get to your blog...but you're on my reader now!!

  2. ps...the spice girl post a few down...girls from Park Hill! was that high school?


  3. @thepainterfamily mama meant every word my dear :)

    as for the spice girls girls who were with us...we had NO clue who they were lol they just wanted a picture with us. Random? Did you go to Park Hill?!

  4. I totally want to write a journal some day. Im going to check out that article. Happy Thursday, sunshine

  5. You should Diana! You could find some fashionably fabulous journal and go to town :)


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