Farewell My Black Balloon

Alison Mosshart: http://dcist.com/2011/04/the_kills_at_930_club.php#photo-5

I love this woman. I mean like I really LOVE her. Not only is she a bad ass on stage--the charisma she possesses should be studied--she's also that epically awesome dude's chick that just finds herself hopping from cool band to cool band because she can. The Dead Weather, The Kills...I'm a new fan, but so far the girl can do no flippin' hair wrong.  

I don't even mind that she doesn't brush her hair...She makes me not want to brush my hair! Her coolness kills me! HA! Get it? Get it?


  1. My, you're so smitten. I love that. I love when someone hears a band for the first time and falls in love. Music is a beautiful thing. Especially when a dirty, sexy, raw, hot, rockin' chick is the one doing the singing. Am I right or am I right?

  2. Could her name be any more perfect, too? I mean...Mosshart. It just sounds dirty and hot. And agreed on the hair brushing...


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