Dr Dirty


I really, REALLY need to get a new dentist. Every time I enter the building I'm bombarded with horrendous greetings. It doesn't matter how many times I say "Tish" or write it in the sign-in book, they ALWAYS welcome me with, "Hello Lateeesha."

My butt twitches and my teeth start to ache from my jaw clenches.

Then Dr Dirty walks in...calls me Lateeesha too and then proceeds to call me sweetie, baby, babe, honey and every other inappropriate term of endearment the man can muster up.

The only thing that keeps me from wrapping blankets around me and writing in my journal about feeling dirty and violated is the fact that he's looking into my mouth the entire time he's saying this crap...He's picking shat out of my teeth and smelling coffee/onion breath. It's my own personal little revenge.

I'm still looking for a new doc, but for now I have to clench in silence. (Both teeth and butt in case you were wondering.)


  1. if you find another one good. share with us.... Enjoy!

  2. Creepiness! I once had a chiropractor that was creepy like that, and I kind of thought maybe it was just me until a friend visited him too and said the same thing. I never went back!

  3. oh yeah he TOTALLY treats all the women like that and even calls his all-female staff the same names.

    Nauseating. He was really nice when I found the lump in my boobie a couple years back, but nice boobie prayers only last so long.


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