So Coachella is this weekend and Twinks, J and I are so frickin' pumped up it's like Hulk Hogan, Billy Mays and Susan Powter got together with the folks from High School Musical, made a giant hybrid hyperactive baby and called it "Jinkish" (All our names combined. Clever, no?) We're amped! We're stoked! We are ready to be poked! Not really, the chant was just holding me hostage...

We're geeked...I NEED this weekend. I NEED my girls and some good music and some booze and I need it NOW. I'm off of work for FIVE.WHOLE.DAYS...That is glorious to type. Makes my tenders tingle.

Now that we have flying logistics as well as the eating plans taken care of, (I'm taking them to a new brunch spot and this dinner spot the Loverchinis introduced me to called Barberrellas) we can focus on other important matters. The issue of what to wear.

This doesn't have to be a girly post for all those ready to click off. I'm a function over form kind of gal...I have to be able to stay cool, stay warm and squat...those are my requirements. The gals have stated their own wardrobe preferences:

Twinks says she's gonna paint her tata's and raise money for her pet, Falcore, from The Never Ending Story.

J is straight up pimpin' Fit Bottomed Girls attire. Trump would be so proud.

...And you've heard my requirements. I'm thinking a long dress. I can squat in that. I am giddy with glee!   There's a new group of fashionistas with considerable music tastes coming to town!

Seriously about died laughing when I started seeing all of the hoity toity fashion blogs out there talking about what to wear to Coachella...equally more annoyed to see I wasn't the only one wanting to rock a long dress. My inner namby pampy can't be denied...


  1. I'm so excited! It's going to be hard to function at work today knowing it's my last day before leaving for California. I've got Coachella on my mind and it's gonna be hard to concentrate on anything else. I started packing last night. Gotta finish up tonight. What to pack, what to pack.

  2. I'm already pimpin' Coachella mentality!


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