30-Year-Old Crisis



I had a some-kind-of crisis last week and decided that I needed change. BIG CHANGE! HUUUUGE change! So I set up an appointment with my homie's girlfriend and told her to make me look completely different. I told her I wanted it short. I told her I wanted it a completely different color.

No more boring Tishy. NOOOOPE. I needed some metamorphis. I needed to see the damn butterflies and flitter about with a new 'tude.

Yeah, part of the reason was spiteful. I think people (including my dude) just kind of see me as there and I didn't want to be just there anymore. Nope...Now I'm a fiery red head and I love it! Mwahahhahaha!

Part 1: The dry cut

Part 2: I get amped

Part 3: Highlights that will tell the red to come hither and stay put

Part 4: I'm new and different yo!


A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. ~ Coco Chanel


  1. Hot Hot Hothothothot!

    Love. It.

  2. Thanks ya'll! I really do feel different...Who knew a bottle of red dye could do so much for my inner umph!

  3. LOVE IT!

    You look great
    (of course, you always did)
    but the change is awesome!!

  4. Hellooo hotness!! Too sexy!!

    xo Rach

  5. Oooh, I love changing my hair when the weather starts getting warmer! The cut is great!

  6. Why thank you Iris :) I like your green hair. It IS my favorite color and all...maybe that will have to be where I go to next :) mwahahaha


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