2 of the 7

The weekends are seriously my favorite thing in the whole wide world...

The sleeping in, the deciding what I want to do instead of The Man deciding for me. It's all so divine...literally. I just disconnect from that and reconnect to me and I'm allllll goood.

This weekend didn't disappoint.

For Colored Girls

I watched For Colored Girls and fell in love. I'm kind of confused as to why the critics were knocking on Tyler Perry...I'm not a fan of most of his previous work, but this movie was NOTHING like any of his Madea slap stick. This was him directing the words of Ntoszake Shange...I'm sorry, but I watched the play a couple of years ago and I've read her book. He brought those words to life. Yes, he changed up some stuff to movie-it-up, but the words were still hers...He did not disappoint. I loved this play the minute I read it. Broken women... letting their hearts bleed in the most beautiful ways. I swear it's a visceral realness that stabs your soul. You can not watch something like that movie and not feel something. If you're listening to the message...if you're trying to really HEAR Ms. Shange's words, you're not going to judge if Janet Jackson's single tear running down her cheek was legit. I couldn't even go there... I was much too wrapped up in these women and their considerations...

"I loved you on purpose."

"I got a real dead loving here for you now, because I don't know anymore how to avoid my own face wet with my tears! Because I had convinced myself that colored girls have no right to sorrow!"

"My love is too music to have it thrown back on my face.

Library Alehouse

OMG...So I had to be talked into this restaurant and I am so very glad I was convinced because the Library Alehouse has quickly become my all time favorite Santa Monica joint. The food...well, we had a papaya quesadilla with fresh pico de gallo for an appetizer. I grabbed scrum-dilly-umptious fish tacos with mango salsa for din din and this beer that made me want to get down on one knee and propose...

The Ginger Wit--one of the many beer cocktails the librarians concocted. It's a pilsner beer with ginger stuff lol...I'm not a foodie! Don't judge me. All I know is it was gooood. So good, the guy put down his beer and exploded with glee all over my ish (that's what she said!) We both agreed it was the best beer we had both ever tried.

Next beer to try: The Jolly Pumpkin. That's 8.3% of divine alcoholic sounding-bliss. Description says it's a Saison style brewed with rose hips, rose petals, and hibiscus and the second in a series named after the French Poet Charles Baudelaire whom invites you to take a "a breath of air from the wings of madness."

Bring it Baudelaire!

Masa of Echo Park

(Still don't know if I should be pronouncing this like a slave.) Best bread pudding and Chicago deep dish in Los Angeles. End of story. The ambiance was quirky cute. Lots of hipsters. Lots of weird mustaches and loud guffaw laughers. I tried the three cheese pie (mozzarella, romano and buffalo mozzarella), the artichoke dip with awesome bread (don't know what kind...reminded me of something out of medieval times...) and dessert. Go to Masa. Let me know whatcha think.


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