Where Taste Goes to Die and Money is Saved

I have this hate/love relationship with the idea of fashion...and need...and consuming. Sometimes the girly beast inside of me rips out and screams to the world "GIVE ME MARC JACOBS OR GIVE ME DEATH!"...Then I come to and feel like an utter nincompoop for being so lame. Really? When I'm on my death bed will I really tell my grandchildren I regret not getting that hot new bag that cost more than my rent? Hmmm...

When push comes to glove, I can rock clothes I've rocked since high school...and I've been out for over a decade now (CRINGE!) so that's saying a lot about me and my need to keep it real. I'm trying to pay off medical bills and a transmission I bought the year I graduated from college. Yeah...so my priorities are a bit real and pressing (finally).

I started following this blog, Fashion is Stupid, and I swear to the seamstress goddesses that it helps me remember that trend is evil and fashion is fickle. Plus...expensively insane.

Yeah, I may not get looks when I walk down the street (well unless I'm doing the funky chicken dance or making farting sounds that I'm known to do) but that's aight...at least no one can say I showed my nipples publicly or rocked funky MC Hammer pants that look like a grandma threw up on them.

I'll just look at the pretty stuff and admire from afar. That's my stand and I'm sticking to it...

Please tell me why these pants are $250...I'm flabbergasted. Really. I am.


Yeah, I realize this isn't fashion, but I couldn't resist.

Sorry but this darn chair looks like something a redneck put together in their junky backyard. $500...You've been swindled! HOODWINKED FOOLS!

I see nippleness! I really REALLY want to know who wears this and where they were it.

I want to feed her a burger, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't had meat...or food in quite some time. The farts that would come from this malnourished poor child could kill an army...


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