We Danced Anyway

I've had an interesting and rich dating life. While I'd rather not revisit many of my  fuckups oopsies from the past, there are some that bring nothing but giggles and good thoughts.

My first real high school boyfriend will always stick out as swoon worthy in my innocent heart of hearts. I was the geekiest of geeks and he was the cutest of cute boys. I remember running out to my best friend's older brother's car on the first day of high school and about tripping over my big feet when seeing him in the passenger seat. He was the cutest boy I had ever seen and my heart skipped about four awkward beats.

I crushed on that poor boy for MONTHS and then  one day my whole world changed when my bestie told me we were going to the haunted houses...and that mr crush had asked if I wanted to be his date. THE older, popular, hunky of all hunky beef cakes of hunka burnin' love ya'll! We went to that haunted house and that boy held my hand...just slipped it over mine like it was nothing....And then this hot-breathing werewolf came up behind us and sent him running ahead (without) me. That whole punk move act didn't matter though; the deal had been sealed. I was in puppy love.

Of course it didn't last long. His popularity minus his douche bag friends minus his inability to stand up to said friends left him with nothing to handle my geekocity. It equaled an ugly, but yet kick ass (on my part) ending.

While that ending stuff gets fuzzy over time, that moment when he held my hand will never fade.

I listened to a lot of Deanna Carter back then...She was country, which wasn't the norm for me, but she was just so darn whimsical. I've always been a sucker for whimsical. My heart may have been puppy-love crushed that year, but I still catch myself humming that song.

There's lessons I learned from the breakup...went through that teen angst stuff we laugh at now, but all those lessons never clouded that sweet innocence that made me start humming this song down the hallways of my school. Funny, I kept dancing anyway.


  1. I love Deana Carter also. I used to sing that song at the top of my lungs in the car. What a great cd!

  2. I totally love that song too:) Have a great Monday, sweetie


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