The Best Birthday Weekend EVAAAAH!I

It all began with some random...

Friday night the guy and I found ourselves watching Ramona and Beezus. A 29 year old...a day away from her 30th birthday spent the night snuggled on her couch with her fella laughing her buttocks off. I loved Ramona Quimby as a child. Loved reading those books...That movie reaffirmed that I ROCK at picking out sheroes!

Saturday Jersey got me a hot stone massage at this spot in Santa Monica called Petite Spa. Tasha, my angel, took those darn hot stones and went to town for 75 minutes...I left floating and glistening with zenful peace. Great gift idea from the mister...The whole place was decked out in green. Apparently, the owner changes the decor all the time and it just happened to be green when I was there. I swear I was destined for pampering.

Saturday night was perfect...Jersey and I met up with 14 awesome peeps for some grub at my favorite LA spot, Bottega Louie. The whole place is amazing. Food,atmosphere, people...It's a dream wrapped up into some mmmm. That's where the poop cupcakes came in. Yes, you read that correctly. A friend has a friend who has a cupcake boutique and made different poop-designed desserts for little ole nasty me.

On my actual birthday I ate breakfast at my favorite breakfast nook and went and saw The Adjustment Bureau with friends. That's where I met "Manny" (Rico Rodriguez) from Modern Family. I geeked out and then some and finally got up the nerve to ask for a picture. He is the coolest kid EVER...hella smart and kind. Later, when the whole theater shut down due to a fire alarm (yeah I had some weird ju ju happening yesterday...) we saw him again while we were waiting. He walked on over to talk to his new friends with his mom. Jersey and I both agreed we wanted to befriend him...a kid. Yes...He is a cool old soul. I dig old souls.

At one point on Sunday I started crying my eyes out to the guy. Despite all the weird hang ups of the day I felt so blessed to have such wonderful people (including him!) in my life. I had all the love in the world surrounding me as I crossed into my scary 30s.


  1. The first pic is hilarious! Love this post =)

  2. I'm seriously geeking out that you met Manny. I LOVE that kid. And that show.

    Glad your birthday was, to borrow a Tish-ism, the bee's knees! Love you!

  3. I'm not sure who's more adorable in that pic, you or the kid who plays Mannie.

    Those cupcakes were PERFECT for you. And you got cupcakes AND a cake. I'm so jealous.

    Happy birthday, darlin'. So glad you enjoyed your special day. Welcome to your 30s. I think you'll find it ain't so bad.

  4. Manny is pretty darn cute I must say and so SO smart. Kid's an old soul. I said that already, but he is.

    Thanks Twinks!

  5. Yeah those cupcakes..i thought i was the only one that thought they looked like poop!

  6. lol...I think everyone was a little taken aback by the pooh :)

    Even the cake lady thought I meant Winnie the Pooh...nooooope. POOP people POOP! Turdy turds!


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