A Sweetest Gift

For my birfday this year, my darling kid sis sent me the most beautiful earrings. She made sure to tell me how she took her lovely little time looking for just the right gift and by George did she find just that.

I love opening packages from her. She lives in S. Korea so all of her stuff has Korean characters on it that she wrote. It's so sweet to see her handwriting...Somethings never change, even when geography does.

The earrings are dainty and sweet and so lovely...the sweetest gift. I swear I giggled like Betty Rubble.

You can imagine how much I wigged out then when I got home yesterday and realized one of my danglies was missing. I frantically hung up the phone on my bestie (sorry about that J!) and ran out the door; perfectly OK with backtracking my whole damn day to find those things. They came from my sis! She picked them out in SOUTH KORE-UH...I wasn't giving up without a full out search.

I went to the post office...I walked with my head down scaring the pedestrians passing by. I then drove my arse BACK to my therapist's office and started walking the streets-head down and determined.

I kept praying to the Big Guy and imagining what I'd feel like once I found the precious treasure and VOILA, EUREKA, HOT DOG! I found it! 

If someone puts that much thought into a gift, I have to put that much thought into keeping it dear to my heart and earlobes.


  1. They are SO pretty. Glad they found their way back to you! :)


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