Spice Girls and Herbs

I was watching Jeopardy and WOULD have had that ish on tape, but alas I got into a HILARIOUS conversation with J that left me squealing like an out of breath piggy on the couch. The pause on my DVR tuckered out (it was a really good, long conversation) and so now I just have to describe the hilarious ish that I witnessed.

So basically these braniac Jeopardy folks are slaying through the questions. They get to Spice Girls and "Herbs" (how ironic) and Alex asks in the most Alex Trebek way, "This song states gimme what I want, what I really, really want" and the flipping three contestants sit there silently...perplexed.


I go ape shat to J...putting her on speaker, turning up the volume on the tele, and replaying the hilarious oddity that I've just witnessed. You see, J and I are kind of Spice Girl Groupies...We're all knowing when it comes to Spice Girl trivia. So you can imagine how we scoffed and carried on at these nincompoops who obviously didn't study the important stuff. Hmph

Love that ish...


  1. Oh how I loved that conversation and those photos. Seriously...fun times.

  2. I heard that last night while I was at my computer and freaked! How could they NOT know that?!? It's like the easiest 90s music trivia question EVER!

    Also, for the record, best Solo Spice = Mel C.

  3. what?! mel b!!! lol i don't dig the techno house stuff mel c did. lol

  4. Mel C's first album was more techno-ish, but as she's gone on it's been more gal-rock oriented.
    I also like Emma's solo stuff :)

  5. Spice spice . its great!! i like...


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