Believe it or not, I still know what it feels like to be the lone ranger at a party. (Just cuz you get a boo doesn't mean you'll be able to find a surgeon who can join the two of you permanently at the hip.) I went to Northern California for the weekend to attend a birthday party and found myself feeling that familiar feel...I looked around and by-gosh-be-golly I saw that I was the lone ranger of the group...the 35th wheel...The stinky rotten cheese...

It was couples central up in that piece, yo! I'd get all excited because a dude would show up and comfortably walk around solo only to find out his chick was just running late. I wasn't feelin' the lone ranger status to say the least. At one point I went into the game room to play some Wii solo and try to accept my painful party existence, but then SHE walked in.

My darling new friend, K Diva Dawlin, strolled in--owning her lone ranger-ness. She floated forth and my smile returned.

You can call me lame...but I need a homie at a party like a starlet needs a chihuahua. Seriously.

Turned my whole night around.

...So thank you Ms K Diva Dawlie for being the Silver in my life.


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