Rated E for Estrogen

Fun words and phrases from the flick, Beastly:

Can I buy a vowell?!

Fun Visuals:

Beast boy's pecs 

The witch's wardrobe

The pretty ever-changing tat on Beast Boy dude

Vanessa's skin. Man how I miss being a perfect little teenager.

Fun Folks:

NPH! NPH! Dude steals the movie, I'm afraid.

J asked me if this movie is worth checking out. That all depends on what kind of movie lover you are...Some people can't handle this amount of cheese. The dialog is painful at times, the sound mixing too, but the overall story is frickin adorable so I loved it despite the hiccups that would normally have me storming out the door.

There's just something about the story of a gal who loves a beast. (The feminist in me is twitching her justified ass off.)

So my answer to J? I told her she had to go see that one alone...if she were to take Mr. Perfect (her husband) he'd probably lynch her using the rope from tampons.


  1. In my opinion, if NPH is in a scene, he steals it every time. :-)
    I like the visual from the tampon lynching. Awesome.

  2. Why thank you Johi :) I was pretty happy with that visual myself.

  3. That was the perfect movie review!


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