Paying it Forward Awards

Woo to the hoo!

I received a Pay it Forward Award from nluvwthmybstfrnd who writes a snazzy blog called My Voice. (You know me and my blog obsession...I was going through my daily reads when I came across her post. Nearly peed my pants.) She nominated little ole pervy weird me and made my heart do three kinds of pumps similar to what looks like a human pelvic thrust.

Back to the award, though. Basically it's an award given for either inspiring or entertaining someone. I'd always hoped my posts concerning pelvic thrusts, doctors who act like twats, and my obsessions with Asian men would resonate with folks out there in cyberspace...And they did!


Now that I've been given props it's now my duty to follow the rules that come with said award:

  • I must link back to the person who gave me the award. Mentioned her above, but just in case, read My Voice. She's a hoot.
  • Tell ya'll 7 things about myself. The rules don't specify whether or not these have to be 7 things I've never told anyone so that one's pretty darn easy. (I tend to dance with TMIs so finding 7 secrets would be HAWD.)
  • Give the award to 5 different blogs
  • Contact them and tell them they've been worshipped.
Easy enough!

  1. My name is Tish.
  2. I love the color green. It has the ability to make me squeal like a piggie.
  3. I like foo dogs. I seriously believe I was a Chinese woman in a past life...which is why I think I'm sort of obsessed with the culture and the darn dogs.
  4. Speaking of dogs, I want a French Bulldog really bad. I want to name her Petunia and pull her in a green wagon. I've wanted this since I was a youngin'.
  5. I moved to Los Angeles to act, but because I suck at sucking (read that however you see fit) I have yet to land a gig in a film. The closest I've come is non-speaking roles on the Young and the Restless and All of Us.
  6. I write occasionally for a snazzy fitness blog called It's opened up some amazing doors for me; allowing me to travel, meet great people and try workouts I never saw myself ever trying.
  7. I live with a guy who I refer to as Jersey. Our story is a weird one. We started out as friends. I woke up one day and decided we were soul mates...had to wait a looong time before he would see it my way (like almost a year) and then we started dating for realz. Definitely not out of a fairy tale book, but if he can stand me after I've created World War III in my butt and I can stand him after he's forced me to sit and watch a terrifying horror movie...well then that's just precious.
...And now the Five Blogs who are so bad ass they should have a movie sort of like Kill Bill...except instead of being bad ass assassins, they write bad ass stuff that makes me act like a bad ass, design like a bad ass, dress like a bad ass, and drive in my totally gay wonderful car like a bad ass.

The Write Christine :  I love, love LOOOOVE books. Big ass bookworm I am, I was delighted to find this blog. I love the way she writes. I love the books she brings to the table. She's like the underground hipster-like chick of blogging...without all the real hipster-magnet books.

Au coin de ma rue :  This one tickles me rotten because it allows me to be a fly on the wall...which is why I love reading blogs in the first place. Basically you get a pic of a cool arse person and all the little fascinating items that make them them that they're carrying on their persons. And when you click on the picture you get a nice little bonus--what they looked like a year ago from that post. Genius, I say!

Oh Joy!  :  She's kind of the princess of perfect. She'll blog about fashion and yummy treats and design...Basically any and all things pretty. I like taste makers, cool hunters, etc. My eye is slow, stubborn and quite special so it's fun to see people with a talent for knowing what's groovy before J Crew has told me so.

Peace Love Nicole :  She has a pup named Kiwi. It doesn't get any more cooler. This chickadee writes about any and everything. She gives the 411 on movies, sprinkles in some home improvement videos from to time and makes me giggle at least once a day.

Sluice :  Oh how I luuuuv me some Sluice! Not only does she live in my hood and make it look totally snazzy on the screen, she also has a snazzy eye for design and clever banter. I drooled a bit when I read my first Sluice post. Just saying...Even Jersey dropped some spit.


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