An Offbeat Sensibility

"It is about the worlds we dream inside our fishbowls, helped by the weird reflections on the walls." ~ A.O. Scott

Having an offbeat sensibility is fabulous dawlings. I'm a genius, really. I found a way to make myself bust a gut laughing using simplistic elements of human nature--farts.

I don't care how pristine and refined you are. When someone lets a sneaky one out, the room's gonna erupt with laughter...And that laughter shall begin in my corner of the room--not necessarily the fart...but always the laughter!

A couple of years ago I caught this lovely mother/son moment. A true classy broad would have more than likely deleted this. Since I'm not one, I coveted this bad boy. Knew I'd need it on rainy days. Just "lucky" I was in the car to capture the magic.


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