An LA Love Story

Yesterday was a hard day. It unfortunately involved one panic attack, two crying meltdowns and three hours of quiet time to get over said day.

As soon as the guy got home we raced to church so that he could participate in Ash Wednesday's ceremony. Is it OK to call it a ceremony? I'm so church illiterate. Anyways, it was there in church that I had my second crying meltdown I mentioned earlier. Something about being in a beautiful place filled with warm, happy people and hearing a kind priest describing just the kind of day I had was a bit overwhelming. So I cried. The guy held my hand and then he took me to sushi (which always cheers me up) and that's where I experienced love. No, really...The roll is called "Love, Love" and it melted my heart just enough for the fella to not have to shake the effing shat out of me in front of the soy sauce.

We find love in the strangest of the strangest of ways.


  1. you must share what is in this roll! I'm going to go on a sushi eating spree once this baby is out!

  2. Oh, man. Panic attacks can suck it. Sorry you had such an awful day, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that today is much better. We all have days like yesterday.

  3. Hmmm...It had salmon and shrimp and I believe some crab. It's really fresh and delightful. It comes on a plate with two hearts. Fitting, no? : )

  4. @nluv YES WE DO! and boy am I glad when they pass!

  5. Ohhh Im sorry that you had a hard day, sweetie. Sushi always cheers me up too:) Hugs and kisses

  6. Church and it works!


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