It Burns!!!


My guy isn't a big fan of the "M word". He's not a big fan of the words, "we", "us" get the drift. I preface the next paragraph with this part because...

The guy's last birthday gift to me came--shipped from Paris. I opened it with glee and started squealing. He said he knew I'd like it...said it had Tish written all over it. Then asked me what it meant. The ring is from a wedding site called BHLDN...and says "Oui" on it. I told him it meant yes and then giggled.

Aren't I evil? I dig the ring because it's ulterior motives there to be the first woman in the history of the world to trap someone into marrying her :) Just tickled by the irony...actually dying over the irony.

Oh the irony! It burns! It burns!!!


Total side note: If I got two of these rings, I'd be rockin' "wee wee" on my hand.


  1. Very thoughtful gift, very pretty ring.

  2. it 'tis...especially since I geeked over it here:

  3. Wee, wee. I love it. Très chic, and très ironic.


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