In Focus


Yesterday I sent this picture to the guy. I made sure to follow the link up with "!!!!!" He replied back to my exclamations with a bit of bah humbugginess and that's when the schooling began.

While at first glance this pic may seem like any other pic taken by a Joe Schmo, if you remove your head from your sphincter hole, you shall find that EVERYTHING is in focus. EVERYTHING!

I sat and looked at that picture for a good straight 5 minutes without blinking. (My corneas now require special eye drops.) I'm not a no talent--whatsoever--so this kind of stuff makes me sigh in harmonious awe.

The power of Dooce is just too many thangs ya'll!


  1. That photo is so beautiful and totally in focus:)Love! Hope you are having a great day, sweetie


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